Holding back the Doom with a big fat stick

I found this article on Milkwood Permaculture‘s blog

It had to be shared.

Holding back the Doom with a big fat stick.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. Inspiring words from inspiring people!



Such a good article. The power of a shift in thinking!


See on Scoop.itPrepping and Thriving via Smart Simple Living

Rebecca Hosking looks at cultural barriers numbers two and three to sustainability – easy money and fossil fuels.

Unhooked Living‘s insight:

Here are some excerpts from Rebecca Hosking’s very nicely written and inspiring article.


"Basically, having money in our pockets enabled us to out-source the need to use our own brains."

"One major implication of falling for what is essentially the consumer trap is how it delays the uptake of the truly sustainable solution."

"By trying to free ourselves from the shackles of manufactured solutions and fossil fuel we are not taking an ethical stance but a pragmatic one. y weak link in the chain for something as essential as a water supply."

See on www.permaculture.co.uk

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